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Successful projects through transparency, feedback, and real-time messaging

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Built for real-time collaboration, shifting priorities, and resolving issues. No Surprises. Communicate NOW on tasks blocking your team from ensuring business goals are driving your resources.

No Surprises

We know that priorities change, problems surface and tasks take longer than you thought. Nama takes a "no surprises" approach, notifying your team when problems arise so solutions can be found. Not when you review your week, not in tomorrow's standup meeting - but right now, as it happens.

Don't let surprises steal valuable time from your project, work together to find solutions using Nama.

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Prioritize Everything

Nama emphasizes prioritization and eliminates confusion about what should be worked on next.

With Nama you can ensure your business goals are driving your resources. Everyone in your organization will now know what they need to be working on and in what order.

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Live Chat

Nama integrates real-time messaging and feedback across all your projects and tasks. Your team will be able to stay in sync in or out of the office keeping your projects moving forward.

Getting your team using Nama means never having to ask "When will this be done?"

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In addition to Nama, there are so many other great tools to help you better your process and your project. We've integrated with Slack, GitHub, and soon to be many more!


Don't just look at your user's data, look at your own task completion data. Track how successfully your team meets its goals and get insights into why and how you can become more efficient.


With features like 256bit SSL and Two factor authentication you can be sure your sensitive data is safe and your all important project management plans never get sabotaged.

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Successful projects through transparency, feedback, and real-time messaging

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